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​Welcome to the Law Office of Jules E. Goldberg, Esq.

Here at the Law Office of Jules E. Goldberg, we specialize in the preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications in the United States and foreign countries. We have extensive experience counseling our clients in an effort to protect their inventions. 

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Patent Attorney New York

Patents are a critical component and vital to the success of the pharmaceutical industry and our New York patent attorney office works hard to ensure that a company or organization that creates a new chemical composition can recoup the investments spent on research and development of the composition before it becomes generic. Our office specialty is providing a pharmaceutical patent attorney team that works with patents for chemical inventions relating to chemical processing, polymers, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and organic chemicals. Patents (chemical patents in particular) aren’t restricted to pharmaceutical companies and at the Law Office of Jules E. Goldberg, Esq. we assist our clients in enforcing and acquiring patent rights related to chemical innovations in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to new combinations, chemical engineering, food science, food products, organic chemistry, biotechnology, polymers and other material science related innovations. If you are in need of a patent lawyer, we are ready to serve you.

We would be happy to provide an initial one hour no-fee consultation to discuss any questions you may have with respect to the steps needed for protecting your invention and/or trademarks. We can also cover the best strategy for protecting your inventions and provide an extensive overview of what the process entails. 
Please call us today for your FREE one hour consultation. We will work hard to ensure you can acquire a patent and properly protect your invention or trademark.